DAV Sr. Sec. School, with the broader aim, keeps the balance between scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Working parallel with the ideology of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, School introduced the club activities keeping the interests of the child. clubs have been constituted to initiate the students into different cognitive, creative and innovative activities to hone and tone their innate talent: The school provides the following co-curricular activities.
Computer & IT, Music & Dance, Painting, Art & Drawing Craft, Personality Development, Exhibitions, Recitation, Rangoli, Quiz, Group Discussions, Debates etc.

DAV School Mandi believes that moral and ethical values cannot survive from one generation to the next if the only preservatives are text or studies. Real life experience is crucial for shaping values, as out of it develops an intuition and a living memory that are the seeds of humane and just society. Awakening the children to be sensitive to the needs of others is considered to be an integral part of learning in our school.