Co-curricular Activities


  • Dance Competion held on May 16,2016

    Group I
    position - prikashi, Dikakshi, Neha, Khusboo
    position - Rai, Khushboo, Manikshi, Himani
    Group I I(for classes 9 th to +1)
    position - Skshi, Cipasha
    position - Garima, Swati, pooja, Shweta, Titika
  • Environment Day was celebrated on June5 , 2015

    There was a hindi declamation organized for IX to XII classes and the winnners of the contest were :
    Anjali (X)
    Neha Thakur (X)
    On the same day a fancy dress compettion was organized for classes VI to VIII.
  • Food FEST On June 20, 2015

    Food FEST On June 20, 2015 was organized in the school. It was an interclass compittion. The students tempted the judges with thsir delicacies and the winners:
    X (B)
    10+1 (A & C)

    On the same day a plant exhibition was also organized in the school. The man objective of this exhibition was to beautify the school campus.

  • Teachers Day 2015

    As September 5, 2015 was a holiday, so Teacher's Day was celebrated on Sept. 4, 2015 a cultural programme was held in school.

  • Mehandi Competition On october 29, 2015

    On october 29,2015 a Mehandi Competition was held in the school and the winners were:
  • Educational Trip

    A three days trips was organized for the students of IX to XII classes to Rajasthan. These students had a great time there. Other student were thaken to Devidarh, Sundernagar and Chail Chowk.
  • Arya Snay Rally held on November 19, 2015

    All the students of classes from VI to XII participated in Arya Snay Rally held on November 19, 2015. They made posters and raised slogans.
    Mahila Sammela was organized in Arya Samaj Mandir and ots main motto was 'Bati Bachao Beti padhao'
  • Red Cross Mela held on Nov. 22, 2015

    The school put a stall in Red Cross Mela held on Nov. 22 ,20015. A rally was oraninzed which was started from Seri Manch to Padal Ground and it was escorted by Mrs Bhawana,Mrs Soniya, and Mrs Shaila.
  • Knitting contest "Aao Bune " Was organized by Vardhman on Dec.1, 2015

    A Knitting contest "Aao Bune " Was organized by Vardhman on Dec.1, 2015 at DAV CPS. The students were escorted by Mrs Yogita.
  • Sports Meet was held on Jan 6, 2016

    The events and winners were as follows.
    Flag race for class (VI ) and winner were:
    Three leg race - boys ( for class VII )
    Akashya and Parag
    Divanshu and Naman
    Karan and Shubam
    skiping ( for girls of classes VII and VIII )
    Himakshi ( VII)
    Muskan (VIII)
    Riya (VIII)
    Niddle race for class (VIII)
    Vishal and Sahil
    Nichal and Rohan
    Hritivik and Aashish
    Shotput (boys )
    Mukul (XII ) & Abhijay awasthi ( XII SCI )
    Kabaddi mathch ( girls)
    Team B won the kabbadi match which included :- Neha Thakur , Shambhavi , Sakshi , Haripriya , Sapna , Shivani, Simran , Jyoti Thakur VIII kabaddi match boys Tagore House won the kabaddi match the team included Pritam , Pankaj , Pushraj , Rahul , Manish , Ghanshyam , Nishant and Prikishit
    Badminton (singles ) was won by Vedant of Tagore house .
    Badminton ( doubles ) win by Vedant and Rahul Tagore house .